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Starting with information technology, the SourceWeb® Group has now expanded into many other industries. Select an area to go to the website of the respective subsidiary of SourceWeb International AG.

Günther Teissl

About me: teissl.info


It has always been our goal to make SourceWeb® a full-service agency in the B2B sector.

In the meantime, we often take care of practically everything for our clients, starting with company formation, ongoing business consulting, expansion, all the way to IT and customer acquisition.

We are there for our customers whenever they need us. Starting with the small business up to the tens of millions turnover company.

Our customers include individual companies as well as companies with over a thousand employees - and all of them are important to us.

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In our blog you will learn about the most important news of the SourceWeb® group of companies.



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Vår nya programvara för webbanalys med patenterat spårningssystem utan cookies.



Tekniskt samarbete med Vodafone

SourceWeb har utvecklat de tekniska systemen för Vodafone



Det franska ministeriet för informations- och kommunikationsteknik beställer SourceWeb

SourceWeb får ett projektkontrakt på totalt 15 miljoner euro från det franska ministeriet.

Our organization chart

Please find attached a complete overview of SourceWeb's corporate structure.

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Our locations

The world map shows the locations of our companies.

Further branches are planned and are currently under construction.

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Corporate Design Manual

This document deals with mandatory requirements regarding the use of the SourceWeb® trademark.

Any use of the trademarks must necessarily comply with these guidelines.

Any violation of these guidelines will be subject to civil action by the SourceWeb Group as trademark infringement.

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We will be happy to answer your questions.

However, if your questions concern the project of a subsidiary, we would ask you to contact them directly.


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