SourceWeb Holding AG

Company No.: 10826441

SourceWeb Holding AG is the parent company of the other companies and administers them. In addition, like SourceWeb Trademarks GmbH, it holds various intangible rights.

SourceWeb AG

Company No.: 10828359

SourceWeb AG is a leading technology company, offering web design, software, IT administration and marketing.

SourceWeb Trademarks GmbH

Company No.: 10830888

SourceWeb Trademarks GmbH is the owner of the trademark and patent rights and manages them on behalf of the other SourceWeb companies. A small extract of the registered trademarks can be found at For legal reasons, however, we can not show all our brands.

SourceWeb e.U.

Company No.: 465982v

SourceWeb e.U. is the IT service provider responsible for Central Europe, as well as the primary contact for customers from the Central European region.

SourceInvest AG

Company No.: 11076760

SourceInvest AG is a subsidiary of SourceWeb Holding AG and operates a brokerage portal to provide lucrative investments to investors.

Immostar AG

Company No.: 11078349

Immostar AG, a subsidiary of SourceWeb Holding AG, is designing a real estate portal to broker high-quality real estate.